Weekly Men’s Groups

Saturday Men’s Group

Join us for our men’s Bible study from 8-9am each Saturday morning. Currently, we are studying the Book of Ephesians. All men are welcome!

Wednesday Early Morning Men’s Group

This early morning group starts at 6:00 am and follows a protocol to lead participants through rounds of invocation, reflection, confession, teaching, or work, and blessings. This format has influence men’s groups for many years and leads to deep relationships with one another birthed through an authentic expression and living out of our relationship with God, and our relationship to family, fellow human beings, and self. The group will practice values of honesty, transparency, containership (anonymity), and living an authentic expression of faith. Expect deep, loving relationships to be formed while still remaining men, or simply, “guys”. For questions, you can call Thaddeus Chwierut at 916-320-5582.

Men’s Calendar