Corner Choirs

The West Linn Corner Children’s Choirs started in 2014 out of a passion and love for music, children and Jesus. Choir director, Holly Sorensen has been teaching music to children for over 25 years and loves to see children experience the joy that comes from music and singing together.

The two choirs range in age from Kindergarten – 8th grade. Older high school ensemble groups are also formed throughout the year. The choirs run on two semesters per year. The children perform a variety of choral, sacred and contemporary music. In the fall we have the Corner Children’s Christmas Choir and in the spring all the children are invited to be a part of a spring musical.

Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings from 5-6pm for both choirs at the Corner. The semester finishes in December with several performances at various venues and events including the West Linn Tree Lighting Ceremony and a sacred performance at the Grotto.

There is a $25 ($50 max per family) material fee each semester. Registrations for fall will begin in August and rehearsals for the Christmas Choir will start in October.